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qEV Concentration Kit

qEV Concentration Kit

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qEV Concentration Kit
qEV Concentration Kit

qEV Concentration Kit

$299 USD

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Please note that a new concentration kit is now available. Learn more about the qEV Magnetic Concentration Kit here.

Our oldest kit for isolating extracellular vesicles after qEV Isolation, with a 1-hour incubation time.

Depending on the downstream method of choice, output volumes from qEV columns may require a concentration step prior to analysis. The qEV Concentration Kit enables EV-containing samples to be reduced to a convenient, concentrated form for downstream processing.

  • Enrich intact EVs that have been isolated using qEV columns.
  • Concentrate a range of collection volumes. EV concentration can be achieved for purified collection volumes ranging from 600 µL to 20 mL.
  • Reduce your sample to a convenient form for downstream processing. Specialised Nanotrap® particles are used to convert your sample to a pellet, which can be reconstituted to a volume that suits.
  • Compatible with downstream analysis such as western blotting, mass spectrometry, or RNA analysis following extraction with Izon’s qEV RNA Extraction Kit.

Contains 5 mL Nanotrap® particles. The volume of required Nanotrap® particles depends on the volume of purified collection volume to be concentrated.

qEV Column used for purification Purified Collection Volume (PCV) (mL) Required volume of Nanotrap® EV Capture Particles (µL)
qEVsingle 0.60-0.80 50.0
qEVoriginal 1.5-3.0 100.0
qEV2 6.0-8.0 150.0
qEV10 10.0-20.0 200.0

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