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Accuracy and Detail in the Micro Range.

qMicro directly measures the size of individual microparticles in solution, and counts the number of particles in the analysis volume to calculate a sample concentration. 100% of the sample is analysed, and the sample can be retrieved after analysis if desired.

Calibration particles are used to generate a very accurate size profile, but simple concentration results can be established from a single measurement in a matter of minutes

Ease of Use with the qMicro Software Assistant

When you plug a qMicro system into Izon’s Control Suite Software, an assistant guides you through the measurement process in simple steps.  New users can get up and running within a couple of hours, without any onsite training.

Simple, Proven Technology

Resistive pulse sensing at the micro scale has been around for more than 60 years, and is a mainstay of hospital laboratories for performing Complete Blood Counts.  Izon's TRPS (Tunable Resistive Pulse Sensing) is built on the same simple foundations, with no complicated settings or algorithms.  Calibration particles are used as part of the size measurement procedure to optimise accuracy.

qMicro is ideal for cell research including:

  • Precise counting and sizing of cells in culture
  • Experimentation with cancer cell clusters
  • Measurement of stem cells
  • Haematology research

Other application areas include amoeba and industrial contamination.


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