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Size, Concentration and Aggregation Data for Bacteria, Viruses and Vaccines.

qViro-X directly measures the size of individual nanoparticles in solution, to build up an accurate profile of concentration (viral titre) against size, and therefore the degree of sample aggregation.  Results are available within minutes, and each measurement requires only 40 µL of sample fluid.

The qViro-X is functionally similar to the qNano system, but its inbuilt pressure system is optimised for measuring particle concentration and not surface charge.

Stainless Steel Shell for Decontamination and GMP Environments

Customers who are working with highly infectious organisms or in a GMP environment should consider using a qViro-X instead of a qNano system.  The qViro-X is the only particle by particle analysis system that can be used in a biological safety cabinet, and washed down with aggressive chemicals for decontamination.  The qViro-X is shorter than the qNano for ease of operation through the cabinet sash opening, and the small footprint of the system means that it can be permanently stored in the cabinet.

CFR21 Part 11 Compliant Software

For customers who need to submit signed electronic records to the FDA or other regulatory bodies, CFR21 Part 11 compliant software is available for the qViro-X (and the qNano) – along with installation qualification (IQ) and operational qualification (OQ) packages.

Simple, Proven Technology

Resistive pulse sensing at the micro scale has been around for more than 60 years, and is a mainstay of hospital laboratories for performing Complete Blood Counts.  Izon's TRPS (Tunable Resistive Pulse Sensing) is built on the same simple foundations, with no complicated settings or algorithms.  Calibration particles are used as part of every measurement procedure to optimise accuracy.

qViro-X Applications Include:
  • Vaccinology & vaccine production
  • Virus quantitation & stability assessment
  • Gene therapy research - analysis of viral vectors
  • Microbiology & virology research (e.g. virus-cell interactions)

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