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qEVoriginal / 35 nm Gen 2 - 5 Pack

US $229

Our most popular qEV column is now available is a new proprietary, agarose resin: Introducing the qEVoriginal / 35 nm Gen 2. 

qEVoriginal Gen 2 columns separate particles using size-exclusion chromatography. The qEVoriginal / 35 nm Gen 2 column has an optimal recovery range of 35nm to 350 nm. 

Selecting the most optimal column size for your sample is important for maximising the purity of EVs in your sample. The qEVoriginal Gen 2 column dimensions and resin volume is optimised for 500 μL sample loading.  

Both the 35 nm and 70 nm qEVoriginal Gen 2 columns uses the new agarose resin, Gen 2, which provides better separation than resin used in our existing Legacy columns. qEVoriginal columns are now available in both Gen 2 and Legacy resins. 

The qEVoriginal Gen 2  is compatible with the Automatic Fraction Collector (AFC) with the qEVoriginal column mount. You can use the AFC to adjust the purified collection volume (PCV) to suit your your needs. 

All of our qEV columns are certified to ISO 13485 (2016).

To compare the qEV columns available, please visit the qEV Isolation Page.

Product Code: ICO-35

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