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TRPS Reagent Kit

TRPS Reagent Kit

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Izon Science / Consumables / TRPS Reagent Kit
TRPS Reagent Kit

TRPS Reagent Kit

$109 USD

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Improve the performance, consistency and ease of use of your TRPS instrument with the new TRPS Reagent Kit. Now shipping with an extended shelf life.

Izon's Reagent Kit makes TRPS analysis faster and more repeatable. The key ingredient is Izon Coating Solution (ICS), which minimises non-specific binding of particles to the nanopore surface (particularly in combination with qEV purification).

  • Reliable and consistent results; measurements on different nanopores are comparable and accurate

  • Stable operation, reduces non-specific binding to nanopore

  • Contaminant-free solutions

  • Extended shelf life

The Reagent Kit Contains:

1x - Wetting Solution Concentrate
1x - 8.5g Coating Solution (ICS)
4x - PBS Tablets 
20x - 13mm x 0.22μm Syringe Filter
4x - 25mm x 0.45μm Syringe Filter
1x - Reagent Kit Technical Note

Product code: RK3


Please note: High quality reagents result in low background noise, stable baseline currents and highly stable and sensitive particle detection. In contrast, out-of-date reagents that have traces of contaminants or precipitates greatly increase pore instability and reduce accuracy of the data. For this reason, we will no longer be shipping wet chemistry systems. Instead users will receive this new, longer lasting pack containing electrolyte tablets, pore coating chemicals, surfactant, and filters.

Suitable for use with the Exoid and qNano TRPS instruments. 

Product Code: RK3