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qEV100 / 35nm Legacy Column - 1 Pack

qEV100 / 35nm Legacy Column - 1 Pack

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Izon Science / qEV100 / 35nm Legacy Column - 1 Pack
qEV100 / 35nm Legacy Column - 1 Pack

qEV100 / 35nm Legacy Column - 1 Pack

$2,790 SGD

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Please note there is now a Gen 2 version of this column available here. The Gen 2 range is an enhanced range of qEV columns made with a high-performance resin to deliver a more purified extracellular vesicle-containing eluate. The qEV Legacy column range, including qEV100 / 35 nm Legacy Column, will be discontinued on 31st of December 2023. To discuss switching from the qEV Legacy to the qEV Gen 2 range get in touch with our support team here.

The qEV100 is the largest column in the qEV range with a sample loading volume of 100 mL. The qEV100 is ideal for any application that requires large sample volumes, whether it’s the output of bioreactors, dilute cell culture supernatants or biofluids with high protein levels like plasma or serum. Many of these biological fluids cannot be concentrated further due to the propensity for protein complex formation and vesicle aggregation, which can destroy biological function. Like all columns in the qEV range, the qEV100 provides a gentle, rapid method for maximising the separation of biological particles.

The qEV100 / 35 nm Legacy has an optimal recovery range of 35 nm to 350 nm. Note that the qEV100 Legacy is not compatible with the Automatic Fraction Collector (AFC).   

qEV100 Gen 2 now available. 

Due to the discontinuation of the qEV100 / 35 nm Legacy at the end of 2023 there may be longer lead times for this product.

Izon products are designed and manufactured under a quality system certified to ISO 13485:2016.

Product Code: QEV100-35