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qEV1 / 70 nm Column - 5 Pack

US $279

The latest addition to the qEV range: qEV1.

The qEV1 is built with a new proprietary, agarose resin which delivers a more purified extracellular vesicle (EV)-containing eluate. 

The qEV1 was developed to meet the strong demand for a column optimised for a 1 mL sample – a common sample volume obtained in clinical studies, general research, EV biomarker development, and sample consortiums.

The qEV1 / 70 nm has an optimal recover range of 70 nm to 1000 nm and is compatible with the Automatic Fraction Collector (AFC). The AFC can be used to adjust the purified collection volume (PCV) to suit your downstream analysis. 

All of our qEV columns are certified to ISO 13485 (2016).

To compare the qEV columns available, please visit the qEV Isolation Page.

Product Code: IC1-70

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