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qEV100 / 35nm - 1 Pack

US $1,599

Capable of running 100 mL samples, the qEV100 is ideal for any application that requires large sample volumes, whether it’s the output of bioreactors, dilute cell culture supernatants or materials with high protein levels like plasma or serum. Many of these biological fluids cannot be concentrated further due to the propensity for protein complex formation and vesicle aggregation, which can destroy biological function. Like all of Izon’s qEV columns, the qEV100 provides a gentle, rapid method for maximizing recovery of biological particles. No ultracentrifugation. No organic solvents.  

The qEV100 is also available with the 70 nm+ Isolation range

For more information about qEV, visit the qEV Isolation Page.

Product Code: QEV100-35

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