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qEV2 Columns

qEV2 Columns

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Izon Science / qEV2 Columns
qEV2 Columns
qEV2 Columns
qEV2 Columns
qEV2 Columns
qEV2 Columns
qEV2 Columns
qEV2 Columns

qEV2 Columns

$329 USD

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Size exclusion chromatography column for efficient extracellular vesicle isolation, suited to 2 mL sample loading volumes of biofluids and cell culture media.

Buying in bulk? We offer special discounts on bulk orders so that cost won't be a barrier to scale-up. Get in touch to request a quote

GMP applications: qEV columns for GMP applications are available on request.

20 nm series: Please note that qEV columns from the 20 nm series are currently made to order. A lead time of 3-4 weeks can be expected for most orders.

Product highlights:  

  • Precision isolation: Designed to isolate exosomes and other extracellular vesicles from 2 mL of biofluids or cell culture media
  • High purity: Remove soluble proteins effectively to obtain a highly purified EV isolate
  • AFC-ready: Fully compatible with the Automatic Fraction Collector (AFC) for efficient and reproducible isolation
  • Choose your resin series: Delve into more smaller particles with the 20 nm range, isolate small EVs with the 35 nm Gen 2 series, or opt for 70 nm Gen 2 columns for greater ApoB removal. Expect longer lead times for the 20 nm range.
  • Universal compatibility: Can be easily adapted to automated chromatography systems using Leur Lock hose barb fittings

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Quality assurance: Izon products are designed and manufactured under a quality system certified to ISO 13485:2016.