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TRPS Training Kit

US $295

Learn how to measure accurately and efficiently.

The purpose of Izon's Training Kit is to introduce new customers to the qNano system and to impart competence of usage as well as awareness of recommended protocols.

Kit Contents:

  • 1 x USB drive
  • A pack containing 3x NP250 nanopores
  • 1x 60mL bottle of Measurement Electrolyte
  • 1x 0.5mL Solution S (Training Sample)
  • 1x 0.5mL TKP-200 (Calibration Particles)
  • 10x 1.5mL Eppendorf tubes
  • 35x 200µL pipette tips
  • 8x 10µL pipette tips
  • 3x 0.22µm filters
  • 3x 15mL Falcon tubes


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