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qEV100 Columns

qEV100 Columns

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Izon Science / qEV Isolation / qEV100 Columns
qEV100 Columns
qEV100 Columns
qEV100 Columns
qEV100 Columns
qEV100 Columns

qEV100 Columns

$1,799 USD

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Size exclusion chromatography column for efficient extracellular vesicle isolation, suited to 100 mL sample loading volumes of biofluids and cell culture media.

Buying in bulk? We offer special discounts on bulk orders so that cost won't be a barrier to scale-up. Get in touch to request a quote

GMP applications: qEV columns for GMP applications are available on request.

Product highlights:  

  • Precision isolation: Designed to isolate exosomes and other extracellular vesicles from 100 mL of biofluids or cell culture media
  • High purity: Remove soluble proteins effectively to obtain a highly purified EV isolate
  • Choose your resin series: Isolate small EVs with the 35 nm Gen 2 series, or opt for 70 nm Gen 2 columns for greater ApoB removal
  • Universal compatibility: Can be easily adapted to automated chromatography systems using Leur Lock hose barb fittings

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Quality assurance: Izon products are designed and manufactured under a quality system certified to ISO 13485:2016.